Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicator Cards provide a simple, reliable, visual indication of the relative humidity within a sealed package. High relative humidity levels can cause irreparable damage to sensitive equipment, such as semiconductors and military instruments.

While many manufacturers take the proper steps to protect their products from moisture damage, such as using desiccants and moisture barrier bags, it is important to also ensure that these steps are effective. Some products, such as electronic goods, often show no visual sign of moisture damage in the event of a breach in the dry packaging system.

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Humidity Indicator Card 3 spot

Humidity Indicator Cards are small, paper instruments designed to monitor relative humidity levels. These 3 spot cards are reversible and constantly indicate relative humidities as low as 30 percent and as high as 50 percent, they change from blue to pink

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Inkbird Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer & Hygrometer

The Temperature & Humidity Smart Sensor MINI IBS-TH1 Hygrometer Thermometer can be easy to pair with our mobile apps (Engbird). Which will provide the ideal solution for monitoring temperature and humidity conditions. MINI IBS-TH1 can perfectly monitor yo