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How is Silica Gel Best Utilised?

To be most effective silica gel should be used within a closed / sealed moisture barrier or a rigid, sealed container. This allows the silica gel to absorb the trapped moisture vapor inside of the package. Products should be packaged in a manner that does not allow additional water vapor in the enclosed environment. Often a Humidity Indicator Card is placed inside the package to show humidity levels and indicate when the silica gel needs to be replaced.
Determining Types and Quantities of Required Desiccant
1. Identify the type of container or bag the product is packaged in
2. Calculate the volume or area of the container
3. Determine the amount of desiccant required using the “Silica Gel Requirement Chart” (see chart below)

Often customers will use more desiccant than is required as a safety measure. 
Silica Gel provides a low cost insurance.

Use the table below to get an idea of how much to start out using (minimum amounts shown). 

Packet Size Volume (Litres) Container Size
 1 Gram  1.07  10x10x10 cm
 2 Gram  2.14  13x13x13 cm
 5 Gram  4.3  16x16x16 cm
 10 gram  10.6  22x22x22 cm
 25 gram  21.2  27x27x27 cm
 50 gram  53  38x38x38 cm
 100 gram  106  48x48x48 cm
 250 gram  212  60x60x60 cm
 1 kg   995  76x76x76 cm









White Silica Gel Performance

RH=20% Absorption capacity 10% of its weight
RH=50% Absorption capacity 23% of its weight
RH=90% Absorption capacity 36% of its weight

RH = Relative Humidity