EcoFresh odor absorber pouches combines science with nature. The ingredients are simple. Utilizing a premium grade zeolite and carbon base that contains no harmful chemicals, the minerals work to instantly begin eliminating odors without the need for enzymes, bactericides or other potentially irritating ingredients. When the odor is eliminated, simply store the bag or recharge in direct sunlight for 8 hours for a full recharge, then its ready to use again!

Test Results prove that EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouches outperform ALL other odor pouches on the market. There are many different types of odor absorbing products available, but none compare in quality, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Compare EcoFresh Odor Absorbers to any other similar pouch and you will find it is more versatile, works better and lasts longer.

100% Money Back Guarantee! We want you to be totally satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouches, simple return them within 30 days for a complete refund of purchase price less shipping fees.

Available in small 100 gram pouches for walls voids, vehicles and 3' x 3' areas and larger 450 gram pouches for closets, attics and 10' x 10' areas.

EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouch Features:

  •  Contains zeolite based minerals and natural ingredients
  •  Quickly absorbs and eliminates foul odors
  •  4 oz and 16 oz pouches for easy and versatile applications
  •  Foil sealed bag keeps pouches inactive until ready to use
  •  Just shake to activate, then place almost anywhere

EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouch Uses / Applications:
Perfect For Use Anywhere Odors Occur: 

  •  dead rat and dead animal odors
  •  inside hidden walls, attics, closets, voids
  •  homes, offices, commercial, industrial
  •  cars, trucks, planes, boats, ships
  •  air conditioning ducts, returns, vents
  •  laundry, diaper pails, garbage cans
  •  dressers, clothes bags, sports bags
  •  animal cages, kennels, and crates
  •  sports equipment, shoes, gloves, helmets
  •  hundreds of uses!

The EcoFresh odor absorber pouch is designed to be used where sprays are difficult to use or are not desirable. The contents are non-toxic, readily biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe for people, pets and the environment. The pouches are easy to use, come in 4 oz and 16 oz sizes and are designed to be layed flat on surfaces or placed into walls, voids, closets, air vents and other areas where sources emitting foul odors can be found. EcoFresh pouches are designed to be small and very versatile. They will last approximately 3 months or until fully consumed by odors. When the pouch stops working, simply dispose of in trash and replace with a new pouch. 


Brand Ecofresh

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