Our oxygen absorbers are designed to control oxygen from any type of sealed packaging environment.

Oxygen absorbers will absorb approximately three times its weight in oxygen and it plays a vital role to protect packaged foods, and other products against mold growth spoilage, color change, aroma, loss of nutritive ingredients, insect and worm damage and also Prevents growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organism.

O2 scavengers can help to keep packaging products for longer duration because they are made from natural zeolite and iron powder can control 0% oxygen from packaging container.

The variety of O-busters sachets sizes gives advantage to pack food & pharma industries to put in different sizes of packaging containers, as per their shelf life and storage condition.

Advantages of using Oxygen absorbers

  • FDA approved
  • Inhibit the formation of bacteria growth, mold and mildew
  • Extend product shelf life
  • Extend life of pharmaceutical packaging products
  • To help eliminate the need for additives, gas flushing and vacuum packing.
  • Removes the need for extracts such as sulfur benzoates, dioxide, etc.
  • Environmentally and easy to use
  • Expressively improves keeping qualities of polyunsaturated oils or liquids

Oxygen absorbers are used with following products:

  • Bakery goods & vegetable
  • Pasta and noodles
  • Rice, grain, noodles, pasta, seeds, pet foods & nuts
  • Dried fruits & vegetables
  • Spices, seasonings & herbs
  • Coffee, tea, coca & candies
  • Processed & dried meats packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals, vitamins & diagnostic kits
  • Diagnostic kits & devices
  • Pet foods & Birds feeds
  • Stationery preservation
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