Our line of Oxygen Absorbers designed to remove the oxygen content inside any packaged environment. The unique blend of adsorbents will pick up approximately three times its weight in oxygen, preventing the harmful effects of mould, mildew, bacteria, colour change, taste change, insects and toxins. Within the properly packaged environment, O-Busters® help eliminate the need for additives, gas flushing and vacuum packing.

Advantages of Using Oxygen Absorbers:

Inhibit the formation of bacteria growth, mould and mildew
FDA approved
Extend product shelf life
Environmentally safe and easy to use

Oxygen Absorbers are used with the following products :

Baked goods
Rice, grain, noodles, pasta, seeds, pet foods & nuts
Dried fruits & vegetables
Spices, seasonings & herbs
Coffee, tea & cocoa
Processed & dried meats
Pharmaceuticals & vitamins
Diagnostic kits & devices

Typical Applications:
Food, pharmaceutical, vitamins and medical diagnostic.