This inert and non-hazardous substance is an effective means of reducing the humidity in the air surrounding sensitive artifacts. Silica gel will absorb up to 40% of its own weight in water. We are pleased to offer a new orange version of traditional blue silica gel. This material has been impregnated with an organic compound enabling the crystals to change from a deep orange in the activated, dry condition to a green when saturated with water and should be replaced or regenerated.

Orange Silica Gel is used where processes and products need to be protected from the negative consequences of humidity and moisture: such as:

Breathing filter for electric transformers
Silos and storage tanks
Packing material
Home and hobby
Boating, Yachts
Sports equipment
Flower drying

Reactivation Instructions

The Orange Silica Gel we supply is auto-indicating - it changes from orange (when active), to dark green when it is no longer active (saturated).
once the Silica Gel is no longer active, it is easy to re-activate by heating the granules in an open container in your oven, at a temperature of between 115 and 125°c. When the indicating granules return to their original colour orange, let the Silica Gel cool and then store it in a sealed container until you are ready to use it again.

Brand Hydrosorbent
Protects 3-5 mm