High performance desiccant created for shipping containers, perfect for wardrobes and larger spaces with damp problems.

This is a new type of moisture absorber for use in packaging and storage. It will absorb up to 280% of its own weight in moisture as it turns from a powder into a gel. This is in contrast to silica-based products that can only absorb 20-40% of their weight. It is ideal for use in enclosed storage spaces such as closets, safes, sporting bags, camping gear, car boots, boats, caravans, tool boxes etc. SuperSorb's outer casing is made of a one-way, spun-bound Tyvek material that only allows moisture to travel into the pouch. During the absorbtion process the contents of SuperSorb turn to a gel but will not leak. 125 gram SuperSorb desiccant is effective in areas up to 2m³ and will remain effective for up to 2 months.


  • Each 125gm pouch can absorb between 225mL and 350mL of moisture vapour
  • Helps prevent mold, mildew, corrosion & odours
  • Extremely effective dehumidification properties
  • Each 125 gram SuperSorb pouch is ideal for areas up to 2m³
  • Ideal for use in closets, sporting bags, camping gear, cars, boats, caravans, tool boxes & storage areas
  • Packaged in resealable moisture barrier bag
  • Single use - non-toxic and environmentally friendly


Step One:

  • Remove the SuperSorb pouch and humidity indicator card from moisture barrier bag
  • Recommended amount: Approx. 1 -2 pouches for every 2 cubic metres
  • Longevity of the desiccant will vary depending on environmental conditions (airflow, humidity & temperature levels)
  • For best results, use SuperSorb in enclosed spaces (minimal air exchange)

Step Two:

  • Replace the SuperSorb pouch when it feels like a gel and weighs approximately 350gms, which means it is saturated
  • Dispose with regular waste and replace with new SuperSorb pouch
  • Use the humidity indicator card to determine the relative humidity level
  • When the 60 spot on the card turns pink this indicates the current level of humidity is above 60% and the SuperSorb pouch needs to be replaced or more pouches are required for the space
  • The spots will continue to change colour as humidity fluctuates
SKU HCD125-3
Barcode # 7242259125
Brand SuperSorb
Desiccant Calcium Chloride mixed with Starch and Palygorskite
Packet Material Tyvek®
Dimensions H215mm x W150mm x D45mm
Net Weight 375gm (125gm per pouch)
Protects 2m³ per pouch