The ‘R’ Series (Economy) Transformer Breathers  are manufactured from UV stabilised polycarbonate and are available in three different sizes. The clear polycarbonate body allows for clear visibility of the desiccant charge and enables users to check desiccant condition with ease.

The unit is mounted from a ¾” female pipe thread connection at the top of the breather. This connection point is also used for filling and emptying the desiccant within the breather. Two-way, low pressure valves are fitted in the base of the breather to ensure that the atmospheric air enters the desiccant when a negative pressure differential occurs within the equipment being protected.

These units can be connected in parallel where increased capacity is required using the new "Dual Breather" Manifold. This doubles the interval between maintenance and allows the use of the economy series Breathers for use on larger Transformer Breathers which would otherwise require a more expensive Breather.