Designed to absorb and contain hydrocarbon spills including oil, fuel, solvents, petrol & diesel. These absorbent pads repel water, meaning they are ideal for outdoor environments and when spills occur on waterways such as drains, ports, marinas, harbours, lakes and rivers. The hydrophobic (water repellent) pads will float even when fully saturated with oil.

Perforations allow them to be easily divided so you can get the right size pad for the spill and prevent wastage. Bonded to provide maximum strength, each heavyweight pad will absorb up to 1.1 litre. Pads are sold in an easy-to-use dispenser box.


  • Oil
  • Fuel, such as petrol & diesel
  • Most petrochemicals
  • Solvents
Brand Stratex®
Capacity 1.1L absorption
Type Oil & Fuel
Material Polypropylene
Dimensions 500 x 400mm; 380gsm
Quantity 10 pcs