Silica gel cat litter absorbs moisture which keeps the litter box dry and helps control the growth of bacteria. The crystals absorb urine and dry solid waste to remove odours faster than clumping clay litter. In addition, they are heavier than many paper and clay litters, which helps reduce litter tracking.

1kg of crystals will last approximately 1 week and requires less frequent cleaning than traditional litters (simply scoop out solid waste or saturated crystals when required).


  • Highly absorbent silica gel crystals
  • Locks away moisture & odours
  • Controls growth of bacteria
  • Long lasting
  • Low tracking
  • Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals
  • Non-clumping
  • Fragrance-free
Brand Desicco
Type White + 3% Blue Silica Gel
Dimensions 1-8mm Crystals