3-5mm beaded blue indicating silica gel for Brownell's R series transformer breathers. Available in 3 sizes to fill the R, R1 and R2.

Blue indicating silica gel is ideal in applications where visual control of moisture is required. The silica gel will turn from blue to pink as it adsorbs moisture, indicating the need for replacement. Silica gel works by adsorbing and trapping moisture from the air, thus preventing condensation.  


Max. Oil Contents

Transformer Rating

Max. Air Space
Volume (Litres)

Approximate Daily
Breathing Rate

Max Air Volume
Before Recharge

Estimated Effective
Cycle Time (Days)
R 1,500 <1.25 230 15 6,000 400
R1 3,000 3 500 13 12,000 400
R2 4,750 6 1,100 55 20,000 400
Brand Desicco
Desiccant Type A Silica Gel
Type Indicating Blue to Pink
Dimensions 3-5mm Beads
Shelf Life 2 years in original (unopened) packaging