Boveda Humidipak packets preserve your stored herbs, flowers & botanicals by maintaining 62% RH in a sealed environment. Each packet consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of water and salt which continually responds to the climate by adding or removing moisture to maintain a 62% RH level.

Boveda will never humidify beyond the RH level on the packet, so there is no such thing as “too much”. The more that is used, the more efficient Boveda will work and the longer it will last. No activation or maintenance is required and it lasts months in a sealed container. Replace when packet becomes rigid.


  • Two-way humidity control maintains 62% RH with a ±1% accuracy
  • Reaches desired humidity within 24-48 hours
  • Lasts 2-4 months in an airtight container
  • FDA approved, environmentally friendly & biodegradable
  • Packets are individually wrapped
SKU B62067W
Model # MB62-67
Brand Boveda®
Certification FDA Approved
Contents Purified water & natural salt
Dimensions 132 x 89mm
Net Weight 67gm
RH Levels 62% RH
Protects Up to 450gms of botanicals
Shelf Life 2 years in original (unopened) packaging